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It's time to start meeting the Senate candidates!

Yes, I know...the primary for the 2022 fall elections is still 407 days away, but in campaign time that is right around the corner! Many candidates in the US Senate race are in full campaign mode, and others will come. It's time to get to know people who are new to the political scene and those who we've known before in different roles - can you picture one of them as your U.S. Senator? The first chance to see all of the current candidates together is TOMORROW, June 29th, from noon- 1 PM central time. Our friends at WisPolitics are hosting this virtual forum which is free. Here is the WisPolitics press release: The Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate in 2022 will participate in a virtual question-and-answer session with on Tuesday, June 29 from noon to 1 p.m. CT.

The candidates include five declared candidates and one likely candidate who has formed an exploratory committee and was included in a state Democratic Party gathering in early June.

The declared candidates are:

The likely candidate is Steven Olikara. He is the founder of the Millennial Action Project.

The forum is not a formal debate, but a question-and-answer session for the political community to get to know the Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate. Questions will come from moderator Jeff Mayers and then from the audience through written questions submitted in advance.

This event is free and open to all registrants.

It will also be broadcast on the YouTube channel. is a nonpartisan online news organization founded in June 2000.

------------------------------------------------------ Blue Sky Waukesha will be bringing these candidates to you, one at a time, over the coming months. We will start with Tom Nelson and schedule them in order of candidacy announcement. These will be in-person gatherings, so if you are not yet vaccinated please take care of that now for the health of yourself and your community. Because this is a state-wide race, people from beyond Waukesha County are welcome to join us but some questions will be specific to Waukesha County. Stay tuned for announcement of the first few events and a chance to submit questions for the candidates. We will also take questions from the audience, of course, but it's nice to have some ready to kick things off. Thank you all for being fans of democracy. Have a great week! Kristin Hansen Blue Sky Waukesha

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