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wisconsin state representative robin vos

Wisconsin Republicans are taking a page right out of Florida's playbook to attack our basic rights and free speech. These ideas are not coming from Wisconsinites - they are part of Governor Ron DeSantis's crusade of government-sanctioned bigotry.

Tell Wisconsin Republicans:


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Wisconsin Republican Assembly Speaker, Robin Vos, wants to eliminate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) offices at public universities in Wisconsin. Vos claims that these offices are a waste of taxpayer money and promote a narrow, divisive view of the world based solely on race. 

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DEI programs have been instrumental in creating a more inclusive campus environment and supporting individuals from historically marginalized communities. They play a crucial role in higher education by helping prepare students for an increasingly diverse workforce. These programs also contribute to expanding university enrollment, increasing national rankings, and generating revenue.

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UW System spends $13.6 million annually on 185 DEI administrators. Eliminating these positions will have an impact on retention and graduation rates, and Wisconsin universities face a potential loss of federal grants that support DEI employees.

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Vos's proposal is just one example of a broader attack on free speech and important conversations about race, history, and social justice across the country. Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida legislature have passed numerous bills aimed at limiting education and public discourse around DEI. These attacks are NOT WELCOME IN WISCONSIN.


Tell Robin Vos and the Wisconsin Legislature that you DO NOT SUPPORT eliminating DEI offices at public universities. We condone these types of attacks on our free speech and education. This is Wisconsin, not Florida! Add your name now:

dont florida our wisconsin

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